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To develop a travel mobile app for a reputable tour provider. The app should allow a user to browse and pick a place and vacation options to spend the desired holidays in any country across the globe with ease.

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Our team has created a neat application, which allows travelers with different experience and of all ages to choose a matchable tour or place to spend a vacation with no hassle. In the app, a user is prompted to set necessary parameters to search for the desired vacation place or a tour package, as well as form a unique list of holiday destinations.

If the plans are not decided yet, a user can leave a custom request to the tour operator to see if there are any appealing offers.


Mobile: Java, Android SDK, Firebase.

Особливості та результати

Advanced search.

After a quick registration, the app user can use a wide selection of filters to narrow the search results of the tours or holidays destination of interest.

Hot Deals list.

There is a separate tab where a user can browse available hot deals and limited offers regarding tours including vacation destinations, hotels, flights, and transfers.

Access to full information.

The tour provider provides full information about tours featured in the app, including descriptions and conditions of tours, vacation destinations, flights, and availability.

Travel lists formation.

To keep the most appealing offers at hand, a user can create, save, and edit his/her own travel list of the desired destinations and tours.

In-app requests.

In case of a lack of time, absence of relevant offers or information, a user can leave a custom request with any questions to a tour provider right in the app.

Rewards programs.

The app operates a special loyalty program that awards financial bonuses to the intermediaries involved in each tour, flight, or hotel booking process.


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