Partner’s objective

Develop a web-based system that will help automatically manage sports activities of any kind. It has to be serviceable either for sports groups and gyms or for personal training.

SDH solution

Invoicing and making online payments, sending custom newsletters to clients, tracking their attendance, scheduling classes, and lots more are done bypassing a managerial staff.

Gymistration is a comprehensive software solution with a powerful built-in CRM system dedicated specifically to sports clubs and similar facilities.


Web: Python, Django, Django Rest Framework, JS, jQuery, Google API (Google Maps, Google GeoEncoder), HTML5, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, Celery.
Mobile: Java, AndroidSDK, Firebase.

Features and Results

Convenient Online Calendar.

The real-time based calendar helps administrators, instructors, and clients stay on top of any changes to the schedule.

Online Client Registration.

24/7 remote access mode allows signing up for the desired workout anytime from virtually anywhere.

Inventory Management.

Control of the products and services sales process. The inventory management system allows taking a good insight into the storages: you may see which sports equipment is being currently in use, which is out-of-stock, or overstock.

Accounting and Finance.

The embedded payroll system helps you automatically perform payroll calculations for the instructional staff.

Attendance Tracking.

To increase attendees' engagement, the automated visual inspection system is used.

App's User Profile.

Customization of personal fitness cards: each user has an opportunity to set his own goals and then keep tracking of their realization.


The integrated system of internal communication: notifications and chatting with both personnel, and clients.

System Access Control.

System flexibility allows you to adjust different access levels to personnel and attendees' databases.

Mobile Application.

The client receives comprehensive information about actual gym membership cards and can sign up for the group classes himself.


protected personal data
streamlined communication
time saving solution


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