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We created an app like Foursquare City Guide but dedicated to all who take care of 1-16 years kids. To make the information source more accessible for busy parents, our team developed not only a website but the mobile applications, both for iOS and Android. The app's main advantage is a map with categorized pins of all places, events, and activities located nearby. While on vacation or planning one, moms and dads can view the indoor and outdoor activities for kids in different cities as well.

Features and Results

User profile. Once registered a user can add places to favorites and make personal collections of preferred сourses, sports clubs, summer camps, birthday celebration venues, etc.

Catalog with categories. All current offers, events, and places listed in the app are divided into categories like indoor playgrounds and water parks, zoo, shops, museums, restaurants, etc.

Advanced search and filter. Depending on the needs, a user can filter the search results on the following parameters: location, keywords, kids age, and activities category.

Page of a place. The page contains the description of a place with photos and contacts, a score based on users rating, a comments field, and an online booking option.

Helpful reviews. KidsVisitor contains a blog section, where the editors publish places reviews and tips for parents on education, psychology, sport, mobile apps for children, and more.

Native advertising. An organization administration can also register in the base, mark the places on a map, provide the info about them, and place native ads in a corresponding category.


location intelligence
high-performance app
with 60 000 MAU


  • Python, Django, DjangoRestFramework
  • JS, JQuery, Elasticsearch, Google API (Google Places, Google Maps, Google Analytics)
  • HTML5
  • PostgreSQL, MongoDB, RedisDB, Celery
  • Java, AndroidSDK, Firebase


Software Development Hub
259, Moskovsky Ave., Kharkiv
Ukraine, 61044


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