SDH solution

The developed app issues an electronically written prescription with no typos, stores and transmits it via the Internet. The e-prescribing app allows keeping records of the full life cycle of a prescription. Namely, it tracks prescription writing and filling, medication usage, provides reporting and analytics. We developed a user-friendly application that patients and healthcare providers can use both on computers and mobile phones.

Features and Results

An electronic prescription (e-Rx). A handy and much faster way of writing prescriptions with a reduced amount of errors related to bad handwriting or illegible faxes.

Integration with other systems. The electronic prescribing app easily integrates with a reporting system in pharmacies or other drugs dispensing sites and a patient’s EHR.

Prescription drug monitoring. Due to secure authorization and authentication, the written prescriptions could not be either falsified or re-used.

Analytics gathering. The gathering of statistical data allows analyzing the performance of each healthcare practitioner and pharmacist registered in the database.

Local pharmacies map. A patient is provided with a map of the nearest pharmacies which offer discount prescription drugs.


manual processes
transparency and


  • Python, Django, DjangoRestFramework
  • HTML5
  • PostgreSQL


Software Development Hub
259, Moskovsky Ave., Kharkiv
Ukraine, 61044


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